Reclaimed Wood Panels


Rewoodd reclaims old-growth California redwood planks for the most unique and affordable accent walls and projects.

All Rewoodd is naturally aged, not new wood distressed to look old, so it’s eco-friendly.  We offer four different styles of reclaimed redwood to fit your color and style for home or business where you want to make an exceptional decorating statement.  

Naturally Preserved main


Naturally aged redwood planks are carefully removed from fallen structures and chosen for their unique look of knots, nail holes and scoring.
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Bella Colours Main


Bella Colours creates a quilt-like effect, adding character and a custom look to any wall.
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Preciously Protected main


Preciously Protected is stained with a water based clear coat to protect its natural beauty - perfect for commercial or outdoor applications.
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whitewashed main


White Washed reclaimed redwood aged to perfection for a unique look that will add character to any project.
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Tongue & Groove or Peel & Stick Installation?

Not sure? Order samples!

All Rewoodd sample boxes will include 1 Reclaimed Wood Plank from both Peel & Stick and Tongue & Groove from the following collections:  Naturally Preserved, Preciously Protected, and Bella Colours.  Many of our customers mix & match to create a quilted effect on their accent walls.
All of our products are 100% Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood.

Why Rewoodd?

Safe –We test for over 80 hazardous chemicals so that your family, friends and customers are not exposed to a health risk.

Easy-to-Install – Every plank is precision milled to within 1/10,000 of an inch to ensure an exact fit, level placement and strong adhesion.

Two installation options – Tongue & Groove for an authentic easy install or Peel & Stick makes it super easy. Installation Options>>

Superior Quality – After hand selecting all our redwood we perform eleven rigorous inspections to ensure you will enjoy your Rewoodd project now and for years to come.

Authentic and Unique – Every Rewoodd plank is certified to come from genuine Northern California old-growth Redwood.

You’re original and genuine, shouldn’t your décor reflect that?


Our reclaimed wood comes from repurposed California redwood structures that have stood the test of time.


Each piece of wood is carefully reclaimed in our Northern California facility. We are dedicated to our craft and our community.


Each board is unique and tells it's own story. After all we've done to repurpose it, it is now time for you to write the next chapter.

BUYER BEWARE: Other wood may be soaked in formaldehyde or other cancer-causing chemicals to imitate an antique patina with new wood!


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Rewoodd  using Tongue & Groove or Peel & Stick

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